Sunday, March 25, 2012

AlexSandra of AlexSandra's Vintage Emporium, Show Us Your Closet!

 I've always wondered, people that have first pick of an estate, what kinds of treasures do they keep? I am starting a new segment here exclusive to the Jitterblog called, "Show Us Your Closet" where I interview influential people that are stowing away beautiful keepsakes. No better place to start than at AlexSandra's house. A Portland native, she has a long history selling antiques and vintage clothing.
It becomes apparent that she has a bit of a thing for costume jewelry.  She had at least a dresser full of it. Many were hand-me-downs from her mother. 
 Rhinestones are the drug of choice in this house.

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 Who doesn't have a picture of their mother wearing a tiara in their dining room?
Down the corridor to vintage wonderland.
 When stepping into the bedroom that contains *some* of AlexSandra's collection, your eyes immediately turn to the chandelier..... and the giant doll house.
AlexSandra keeps a photo of herself as a child standing with her mother in front of the doll house. This kind of documentation really adds to the value of antiques!

 AlexSandra started collecting Enid Collins box style hand bags before they were cool. Easy to collect at the time as they were "trash heap" items she describes.
 If rhinestone encrusted Lucite hand bags ever went out of style, I didn't hear about it!
 Deadstock Christian Dior clutch with original comb and box.
Mesh perfection.
 Men's all in one box.
 Art Nouveau fan, so purdy.
 I couldn't resist trying this 40's hat on!
 AlexSandra models a cheetah coat with a matching hat passed down from her great aunt. She stores it with a photo of herself and her great aunt (wearing the coat) standing in line to see Santa.
 I pulled this 40's evening dress off the rack wanting to see it on. They just don't make rayon like that anymore! AlexSandra likes to wear it with a dashing fuchsia hat.
 Nipped 50's day dress with a cartwheel hat. Classic!
This smart suit and hat says, "Meet me downtown".
Time to play! Play nurse that is!
Hand-painted, metallic, velvet, Mexican circle skirt? If I must!
 And more velvet! Luscious velvet! Very sophisticated.

AlexSandra's shop has a playful demeanor. While it is clear that she's a professional, she doesn't take herself too seriously. How refreshing. She also hosts a perfectly curated fashion show at Tony Starlight's Supper Club many times a year, also playful and very fun! Plus there is yummy food and alcohol!

You can find AlexSandra's items for sale in her Etsy shops; The original AlexSandra's and her bridal shop, Union Made Bride. You can find her on social media or pay her a visit at her brick and mortar on N Interstate Ave.

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  1. LOOOOOOOOOOVE this!!!

  2. Adorable, love it !

  3. I nearly cried when I went to AlexSandra's for a party last year. She has so many beautiful things!

    Looking forward to more of this series!