Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Alley 33 Fashion Show

Hundreds of people came out on a beautiful July day to the First Annual Alley 33 Fashion Show. This show featured nineteen Portland fashion designers. We are going to show you some highlights of Jitterbuggin's walk!
 The show was emceed by fashion designer Alicia Wood of Ms. Wood.
 Fashion historian and dancer, Lorraine O'Neal.

 Fire Marshall says, "No more!".
 Speaking of sirens, Peggy Lee Munson.
 It's probably best if you pull out some fancy Jazz steps on the runway. Of course.


 Line 'em up!
 Roll 'em out!
 Happy, Happy Jitterbugs.
With our compatriot, art hugger, and all-around superstar Cassie Ridgeway of Mag Big Boutique. Thank you so much for having us!

All photos by Jeffrey Strawbridge
All content belongs to Jitterbuggin unless otherwise noted

Friday, July 15, 2011

Jitterbuggin Cover Girl! Vera Van Munster

  We have a beautiful new face at Jitterbuggin. Her name is Vera Van Munster and she hails from North Carolina. She is a genuine fan of all things 30's and 40's and it shows in her distinct style. This Southern Belle is characteristically quick-witted, extensively charming, and has a bookworms' brain that can run circles around yours. No matter where you may live, Vera will always be your personable and precious, girl next door.

She weathered a storm and an argument with a fire ant colony to bring you these spectacular images!

Vera Van Munster is wearing the Hawthorne Pinafore in cobalt blue and the Roseway Blouse in a vintage aviation print.

Images courtesy of Brandy Wine Photography

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Tie One On

 Maybe you've noticed, summer is here and it's getting hot, hot, hot! What you need is a smashing 1940's tie-style, striped bathing suit from Jitterbuggin to lounge around in. We gathered our inspiration from the lovely Hollywood stars of yesteryear.
Marilyn Monroe
Jane Greer
Yvonne De Carlo
Shelley Winters
 Peggy Lee Munson

Photos of Peggy Lee in the Jitterbuggin Manzanita bathing suit graciously provided by Studio 623 Photography.