Friday, July 15, 2011

Jitterbuggin Cover Girl! Vera Van Munster

  We have a beautiful new face at Jitterbuggin. Her name is Vera Van Munster and she hails from North Carolina. She is a genuine fan of all things 30's and 40's and it shows in her distinct style. This Southern Belle is characteristically quick-witted, extensively charming, and has a bookworms' brain that can run circles around yours. No matter where you may live, Vera will always be your personable and precious, girl next door.

She weathered a storm and an argument with a fire ant colony to bring you these spectacular images!

Vera Van Munster is wearing the Hawthorne Pinafore in cobalt blue and the Roseway Blouse in a vintage aviation print.

Images courtesy of Brandy Wine Photography

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