Monday, February 13, 2012

Vintage Inspired Fashion at the Grammy's 2012

 Bruno Mars and his skin-tight band delivered both musically and visually. They offered up subtle yet impressive choreography during their number!
  Kelly Clarkson had on a wow gown to match her perfect voice. Grecian gowns are back!
 Sir Paul McCartney donned a beautiful white jacket reminiscent of a 30's, 40's style with a modern fit. This man can do no wrong!
 Taylor Swift's performance was an excellent example of modern country music at it's best. I loved the down-and-out depression-era styling of her and her band.
 ...But her non-performance gown reminded us that Taylor is still a red carpet star! Look at that Greek Key detailing!
 Carrie Underwood made a brief appearance with crooning legend, Tony Bennett. I wish her hair wasn't in the way of this outstanding ensemble!
 Bonnie Raitt was not in my best dressed category, but she gets a mention for maintaining her natural beauty and not following her peers that have gone under the knife (I'm talking to your Reba). Bonus points for dressing her age and out-singing Alicia Keys.
And of course, the big winner of the evening Adele. While I'm not fond of the giant exposed metal zipper in the back of her dress, her vintage inspired gown was worn very, very well. This dress goes all the way up the neck, down the sleeves and to the floor and it's still sexy. Kudos from me, like you needed it!


  1. I am also not a fan of the exposed zipper trend...

  2. GREAT post! I missed the Grammys this year, but am so glad to peek at the vintage-inspired fashions!!