Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Flowers

As children, my classmates and I were set up by our teachers with crayons, construction paper and a stapler. And like magic we had a cone-shaped, gift-bearing, handled basket in no time. It might be considered crude by designer standards today, but it sent me on my way to a lifetime of crafting and resourcefulness!
After class, my siblings and myself would carry our baskets bearing fresh spring flowers carefully home to our mother.
The origin unknown, but I now imagine the contents of our baskets must have been some educators painstaking, yearlong effort and sacrifice to supply flowers from their gardens for the class on the first of May. That generosity didn't stop us from poaching a few more blossoms along the way.
We would hang our unknowingly Pagan gifts on the doorknob, ring the doorbell, and run away. We would return five minutes later with a 'no big deal' look on our faces and say, "Hey mom, where did the flowers come from?" She would nonchalantly say, "Oh, they just arrived, I don't know from whom. It IS May Day, you know." We never told her that they were from us and she never told us that we were total idiots for not figuring it out. Nor did she let on that we were little troublemakers for stealing flowers all the way home. Boy, we thought we had her!
In the spirit of things budding and blooming, Jitterbuggin has created a new 1940 style blouse in a floral feedsack print. It is called the Roseway and it will be available in the ALL NEW Jitterbuggin shop next week! Here's a sneak peak!
The flowers featured in today's May Day article are just some of the spectacular blossoms from the grounds of Jitterbuggin World Headquarters. More to come!

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